Important Page One Information

How to get to page one on google.

What are google's Secrets? How do you get to page one? Is backlinks only? or do you need website traffic. What online examples can we follow in order to better your search traffic.

What are Google's Secrets?

If you've ever read Wikipedia you know that there are so many internal links on that page that it's nearly impossible to follow all the links. But there are some examples there that if you are aware and observant can help to build your presence online. We really hope that you can learn from our page and that if you're using Rumenopti, LLC are pleased with your leads and our services. We work hard to keep our content fresh and up to date with Google's algorithm. OK! Here we go.

First Google Is Like A Person or Human?!

What does that mean? Well, it picks up certain patterns. You can't just copy paste tons of copied content and expect google to pick it up as authoritative. You need to be either getting organic traffic through social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Linkedin) to your page or just from google itself to start to rank. If you're on page 5 for your keyword search results and getting 1-2 clicks per month then it's going to be difficult to outrank your competition and appear more authoritative. You need a blog, or a post or a page on your site that gets traffic and noticed by google to start to rank. This will help your page to rank higher and get more popular.

Second Google Likes to See Natural Content and Links.

This means that your content needs to be fresh, accurate and not just copy and pasted. If you're a restaurant and you're getting lots of people talking about your restaurant on Pintrest, Facebook, news articles etc. You're going to look very good to google. This is also visible if the content is natural or not because it's coming from lots of different places, IP address and computers and people all of the place are liking, visiting, posting and clicking about your restaurant. If these visits are coming in from lots of different posts, then who's going to outrank the competition. You are!

Third Be Sure To Get Lots Of Backlinks.

This is really important as well. Like Wikipedia, the more people linking to your content and not just visiting your page the more your page will have authority.

Lastly, Make Sure You Get Good Reviews!

Like Backlinks Reviews can really help a page grow. This is a good example of a page that has quality reviews on google. This page is an insurance company that is in Las Vegas. Within their reviews they answer lots of questions about their agency, questions about their hours, what services they provide, and good quality key words relevant to what their customers are looking for. This is an excellent example of how to build your presence online and to rank with Google. We really hope this info has been helpful to you and what you may be looking for when it comes to your presence online!